It is a live-action reality gaming experience that excites and inspires players. It is great entertainment for friends, family, and corporate teams. We are the first and only location in Macon.

Our professional facilitators are trained, articulate, energetic, and extremely gracious employees. They provide top notch feedback and recommendations for long-lasting positive changes.

Don’t sweat it. Our trained staff has perfected the art of engagement and within a few minutes all players will find themselves involved. The situations are highly enticing and mentally challenging in a fun way.

Some employers may contact us months in advance and others may need a crucial team building situation for the following week. We will jump through hoops to make sure your experience is everything you envisioned. However, we will require a minimum of 5 business days to ensure a quality experience.

Initially we have 2 working rooms and can cater for a maximum of 20 players at any given time. Situation Room can hold a maximum of 75 participants at any given time inside the premise. We are in the process of expanding and building new rooms every month, and thus occupancy will increase.

Please contact Situation Room for more details. Price can vary depending on reserved hours and catering of food.

Situations’ length will vary depending on the group size and requirements of the corporation. We will work to meet your needs. However, the program length will vary between two hours to a full day. At minimum there will be one hour of time spent in a situation room and up to one hour of time spent in the debriefing room where group and individual performance will be reviewed. Additional rooms, lunch time, break time, and/or additional lecture/presentation time can be added per the individual needs of each corporate client.

Depending on corporate client preference, there can be multiple winners (i.e. all groups that successfully complete the situation and escape the room) or one winner which is the group that completes the room in the least amount of time). Bragging rights and a victory photo will be rewarded to the winner(s). Certificates and prizes, such as retail gift cards ($5-20) can be provided at extra cost.

We will happily assist with event planning at Situation Room. Please call with further questions and we will be happy to provide more details.

Tickets are $30 per guest.

Please make sure that all members in your party arrive at least 15 minutes before your game begins so we can go over the rules, game play, and have you sign our one-page liability release waiver.

We ask that players under the age of 18 years old are accompanied by an adult.

Yes. Occasionally we have room for walk-in groups but more often than not we do not have the availability. Please make an appointment ahead of time here on the website to ensure you are able to play when you show up.

Most small groups will be paired with others. If you prefer to play privately, the only way to guarantee your party has the room to itself would be to book all tickets sold for that time slot. For example, Red vs. Blue has a max of 10 per game, therefore you must book 10 tickets to have the room to yourself.

Tickets are only reserved by booking online.

No outside food or beverage please, unless you have a corporate team building event Monday to Thursday and would like food catered.

We do not serve food or beverages.

The puzzles are designed for ages 12 to adult. However, people of all ages have enjoyed the experience Situation Room has to offer. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who must sign the waiver on behalf of the minor.

Not at all! It’s an exciting and mind boggling experience.

No. The most strenuous activities include picking up small boxes, bending over and reaching for clues.

There is no dress code. Come in your business attire, Sunday best or gym clothes. You will not be getting dirty or too sweaty. If you really want to play the part, come dressed like a 1930's detective!

We do not recommend playing a room with more than the limit placed on the room. Each room is designed to comfortably handle the maximum number placed on that room. However if you reserve the entire room and would like to have one or two more people join your group please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request. 

Yes. Please email situationmacon@gmail.com at least 1 week in advanced, to book your room. You must pay for a minimum of 10 people to book a specially requested time slot.

Free parking is available directly in front of our building.