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S ituation Room's Co-designed by Industrial Psychologist for Maximum benefit.


C ooperation, Communication, Leadership and Fun.


A vailable upon request, debriefing sessions.


N ational Leaders in the Escape Room Teambuilding Experience.


Why Choose the Situation Room

Situation Room takes reality gaming to a new level and offers a one of a kind experience. Your employees will rave about how much fun it was to escape our rooms. We offer corporate team building situations designed to challenge, inspire, and outwit even the skeptics. These situations focus on core competencies needed to succeed in today’s business environment including involvement and a deep commitment to working across organizational boundaries. We offer a unique change of pace in the work environment, and provide constructive feedback to help your employees reach their full potential.

During the debriefing phase our trained staff will highlight individual and group strengths as well as provide tools for improvement. This will be a time to mingle and can also be a great way to facilitate orientations or meet and greets.


Through a myriad of puzzles, hidden clues, and mind games we specialize in providing fun, memorable experiences with a focus on increasing productivity, creativity, and effective communication. This will allow us to take your team to the next level in the corporate world.

How It All Works

We cater to every kind of team you can imagine. From government agencies, small restaurants, college extracurricular groups, hospital administration, to major companies like Coca Cola. We will work with any group size and make it a success. Groups range from 6-10 players per situation working together towards a common goal to escape the room by discovering clues and solving puzzles. Teamwork and communication are critical for success! Each room is uniquely themed and will inspire creativity. The best part is that the room itself will only take one hour to complete!

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