Big moments in life can be anything from weddings, having a baby, graduating, celebrating a promotion and so much more. At the Situation Room we have had the opportunity to celebrate such occasions with our customers and could not be more happy about it. We are proud to feel that our escape room games are more than a game but part of the everyday life events. We have compiled a list of our top 5 favorite escape room memories over the last 4 years.


Engagement Done Right

1. Engagement Ideas : We have seen a few proposals corresponding to escape room fun. Some we had the privilege to know about ahead of time and help customize the puzzles to plan for the big ring reveal and the question to be popped. Others surprised us! Either way you want to plan this popping of the question during an escape room activity because it is very novel and memorable. You can hide the ring in the game ahead of time or just after the game ends and your group is still on the ‘puzzle high’ with the adrenaline going you can get down on a knee and pour your heart out.

It goes without saying that we love a good surprise! It should also be known that we have a perfect 100% yes rate. So maybe we are good luck?


Murray Family on Lincoln’s Birthday

2. Babies and birthday parties : We have done more than our fair share of birthday parties at Situation Room from age 7 to age 77 everyone gets in on the celebration that creates wonderful memories. On the other extreme we even had a customer go into labor while playing an escape room. She was a strong woman with about 20 minutes left in the game and insisted to keep playing as the competitor in her took over. After the game she went to the hospital and shortly thereafter gave birth to baby Lincoln who is about 2 years old now at the time of this article being written. We think that’s a pretty big life moment.

3. Retirements, Graduations and Promotions : If you didn’t know by now Situation Room has an amazing downtown Macon event venue. We include chairs and tables with rentals and our team will work with you to make sure the day goes perfect. We have the best quality for the price downtown in Macon Georgia. We are lucky to get the chance to be a part of these celebrations and to help folks mark those milestones in their lives. If you are looking for a space to gather friends and family give us a call or shoot an email and we can help. We allow outside catering and the truth is most people bring their own drinks and set up a beverage station using the bar we have in our event venue space.

5-Escape room moments

Make a Lasting Impression

4. Weddings, bachelor / bachelorette parties, Rehearsal Dinner and Vow Renewals : The newest thing in the wedding industry is unique venues and our escape room has been part of that. We have hosted multiple weddings where a ceremony, reception and the party the rehearsal dinner the night before take place at Situation Room. I am cautious to say we are experts at this but we have been able to provide a quality, low priced option for many couples looking to tie the knot. Our venue and games are unique and memorable. After all having a special day that is the way you want it to be means more to us than anything.

5. Game Board Weekend : This happened one time but there was a weekend we shut down the whole business and allowed our friend Rob at Dice Drop Games here in Macon to turn our 3,680 square foot building into a board game weekend. That was amazing to see. Since that time the event which takes place once a year has outgrown our venue and graduated to a larger one close by. Still this was quite the event and not only was it successful but created a magical weekend getaway for many people. The self proclaimed nerds of the world who love role playing games, strategy and socializing with others who also love this stuff (we are talking about ourselves being the nerds incase you didn’t pick up on that).

We feel blessed and fortunate to connect with our guests and customers on a level that most businesses never get to. We feel like you are our family and we thank you for letting our business be a big part of your life and community. As we look to expand to other locations we hope every Situation Room location will be able to play the same role in their respective communities.

So until we game again and create more of those magical memories we want you to know that in the words of Ramsay personality Chris Hogan we are “focused and not finished” or as Dave himself would say we “better than we deserve”. Who would have known a small concept escape room would grow up to have such an impact in Middle Georgia. Thank you again for the support and we hope we can continue to support your needs with our services for many memories to come.