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This Fun List Will Take Your Party to the Next Level

Birthday Party Ideas

We know games, we know entertainment, we know how to level up a birthday party. Here are some ways to bolster your party fun whether it’s at home or out on the town. We think these ideas can be applied for all ages.

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Pinterest can help you get started

T reasure Hunt:That’s right a good old fashioned treasure or scavenger hunt can get the competition going and create amazing memories. You could get very elaborate with your “treasure box” or keep it simple and decorate a shoe box. Obviously some clues and pointing in the right direction is suggested. However, if you want it to be more scavenger-ish than hunting you could easily design a list that tasks your guest to perform funny mannerisms or find some pretty interesting things. If this is for a kids birthday we recommend using lots of props and having the kids take photos with them. If this is for an adult birthday party I am sure you can find lots of trouble to get into at home or with a night at the club.

E scape Room:We know we are a little biased but this may be the best thing on this list. There are tons of DIY escape room kits you can make for your home birthday party. Your guest will love it and you can even add in your own creativity and adapt it for a suitable age group. If you don’t want to go through the hassle then hit up your local escape room and get ready to be immersed in a situation that will keep the whole party talking for the rest of the night. Escape rooms have the power to bring people together and start the fun. We hear all the time that is the only thing people talk about for weeks after the event. Don’t you want people talking about your birthday party weeks after? Great idea right?

The only limit to the fun you can have is your own imagination

C ompete in the Olympics:This type of Olympics does not require any real athleticism but can be wildly entertaining. If you’re a younger reader we recommend the “Candy Olympics”. For our older reader you may consider a “Drinking Olympics”.

1. Candy Olympics Idea: Set up three candy-themed stations so kids can bob for marshmallows, do a relay race with a licorice baton, and do a Smarties Chopstick Challenge (where players have to see how many Smarties they can place into a bucket across the room using only chopsticks). Give each group of kids a set amount of time at each station and then have them switch. If you want to up the theme factor, you can give out candy necklace medals as awards.

2. Drinking Olympics Idea: Read the above and think of all those college party games you use to play. We don’t need to elaborate because I think you can take this torch and run with it. Points for an Olympic pun, anyone?

D ective Game: The only thing you need is a concealable item. Some online forms call this game Button-Button. Upon greeting your guest you slide one of them the “button” and let them know that no one can know they have it. You make an announcement to the group about how they need to figure out who has the button in a certain time frame and you can make this correspond to your party theme. Example if your party is a Margaritaville theme simply replace the button for a guitar pic you could ask your guest to play detective and mingle to figure out who has Jimmy Buffett's Guitar pick. If you really want to make it that much more interesting you could create characters and bring in an element of role play to the scenario where you ask your guest to read their character and play the part ahead of time. At Situation Room we find the amount of immersion in a game directly corresponds with the amount of fun. So get creative! If you’re thinking about the example above use the following link to etsy with custom pick makers. Buy personalized picks!

The above ideas are low cost but if you’re looking for some free games check this link out for soem ideas. This sites ideas are geared toward Kids Birthday Parties. Mom and Dad take notes and keep safety in mind as you try to coordinate an amazing party.

Our suggestion is to have a party at a venue so you don’t have to deal with the time-consuming setup and cleanup of an at-home birthday party. You can host your party at a popular local venue which can save a lot of effort on your part. Yes, you can go ahead and insert a plug for a Situation Room themed birthday party if you happen to live near one of our locations. Using a venue can help augment the theme of a party.

We hope your party is the best you've ever had.

Written by
Brandan Wormsbacher
Situation Room, Co-Founder
June 1, 2020