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Escape Room 101 Tips Tricks and Etiquette

Very recently we received an inquiry about topics regarding escape room etiquette. I asked myself why didn’t this person google the answer… that was not a smart question for me because she probably did before bothering to ask an escape room company in Macon GA . I did my own search engine inquiry and suddenly realized that there is a lot of contradicting information from multiple sites out there and the majority of it is outdated. Our goal is that this post will help you stay current. This is one post we will routinely revisit to update so consider everything current and a best practice.

Keep in mind the information may vary from escape room to escape room but for the most part these things will apply. Please note that the national chains like escapology, breakout games, ect…. Have not really updated previous posts which are dated years ago and may have some information on their frequently asked questions that have changed.

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Situation Room Players

1. Do I tip my game master or host? The answer is no.

Not unless you have extra money and want to be super generous. Some of the other escape rooms will say yes as it is expected but the general consensus is that as owners of the establishment we know you pay a pretty heavy fee to play and to expect you to pay more is just not a reasonable expectation. You may then ask “will I still get good treatment by my game master?” The answer is yes or at least it better be! Our game masters are not starving, they get paid well to do what they do and they are hired, trained and encouraged to be utter professionals at all times. We pride our business on customer service above all else.

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2. Am I physically locked in a room? The answer to this one is no.

A quick google search does make this confusing but these days the fire code in most USA cities will not allow patrons of an establishment to be locked up without an emergency exit. Many escape rooms will often lock the door behind you with a magnetic lock but should be a “panic button” to release the lock that they tell you about in your pre-game briefing. Yes, it is true that emergencies do happen but unlike the movie titled Escape Room you should be safe in these type of live entertainment venues.

3. How do I win? This is a complex answer but having fun is really the only prize.

You may accomplish your goal by solving the overarching theme of your escape room situation but if you didn’t have fun then you might not really be a winner. Remember the friends you entered the game with are going to be the friends sitting next to you at dinner after the game so be nice, polite, helpful and work as a team. No one wants to play with someone who brags about solving something or talks down to their friends and they definitely don’t want to have dinner with that person.

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4. Are escape rooms disability compliant? The short answer is yes.

I should say at least they should be and if not then they need to be clearly marked. From owning our escape room we have had hearing impaired, visually impaired, little people, wheelchair dependent and other types of disabilities in our games and all did very well.

5. Can I book with an escape room if the time or day I want are not available on the website? You actually can!

We are part of many escape room owner/designer social media groups and most of these operations are independently owned small businesses that pay their bills by making bookings. There may be an extra fee or charge to do this but it is definitely doable. The steps to take would be to

  • 1. Go to the website or social media page listing and send a message.
  • 2. When you hear back from the escape room owner, close the deal immediately and confirm your reservation.
  • 3. Make sure you show up on time and ready to use your “thinking cap” and prepare to make your epic break out exit.

  • We hope you are able to use this information to go forth and be a pro escape room escape artist. PS: another tip is to take an amazing group photo at the end and review the place. Most small businesses love to get google reviews!

    Written by
    Brandan Wormsbacher
    Situation Room, Co-Founder