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Request for License
Team Building Situation Room Escape Room

The Situation Room BRAND

Situation Room is an entertainment business founded by 3 physicians to help companies build exceptional teams.

We do this through unique experiences that create lasting memories. Escape rooms are a great way to bring friends, families and strangers together. Situation Room creates original puzzles,unique sound tracks, and one of a kindstory lines making us the most immersive escape room in Middle GA. Now we would like to share that experience with the world through licensing and franchising opportunities.

We will help you feel comfortable in your new business

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Team Building Situation Room Escape Room

Why License With Us?

We not only license our brand and products but we will treat you like family. Situation Room is for like minded business owners who are
seeking financial freedom. We realize that your success is our success.

We have experience in the entertainment industry that we are happy to share. We will be here to provide advice no matter what stage you are
at. We will mentor you. We can assist with training, operations manuals, business models, escape rooms, virtual reality experiences and much
more to help you create a profitable entertainment and team building
company of your own. Situation Room has a reputation for being one of the best in customer service and we would like to expand and grow with you.

Request for License
Team Building Situation Room Escape Room

Superior Product and Service

Our games are uniquely created with original story lines, puzzles and sound tracks. When licensing a Situation Room game you not only get puzzles, props, manuals, unique sound tracks and materials but you also get the necessary training at our headquarters in Macon GA where you will experience our escape room operations up close and personal. We will help you learn the ins and outs of our games and how to game master in a way that will provide dividends on your investment. We will also provide marketing materials with your game purchase.

We have defined processes for operations to make sure your new bussiness is lean and a profit earning machine. The best part is that you will actually have fun and joy your new business. Through licensing or franchising Situation Room  you can create a company culture you will love.

Request for License



  • After you scroll down complete and submit the request form on our escape room licensing and Franchising page below then you will receive further information through a digital licensing/franchising packet for review.
  • Once you have reviewed the digital packet we ask that you submit a non-disclosure agreement and let us know which of our products you feel may compliment your business goals.
  • We will then consider your request and plan for a phone interview.
  • After the phone interview if selected you will be awarded a preliminary licensing or franchising offer.
  • At that point based on requested services our legal team will contact you to finalize the agreement and the financials.
  • We will then invite you to our training facility to help you get started with your needs.

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    Explore our multiple licensing opportunities for virtual and physical entertainment including our Virtual Interview Game and Tour.

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