You might have been tasked by the boss to organize the office christmas party or maybe you are the boss and want to do a gesture of kindness for your staff. Either way we got you covered. First we do have to throw a shamless plug for Situation Room and let you know that we are booking now for holiday parties and we are a perfect place for company team building events so please contact us to learn how you can create a magical Christmas party that is above anyone’s expectations and use our beautiful event space. You will be glad you did.


Office vs. different venue

Planning: With the average host set to spend about $450 on a single holiday party, it’s important to get it right. The website punchbowl took a look at this and we would love to share their infographic as it is very helpful. We will dissect this out and add some other needed information as you get to planning. Invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks ahead of time. If food is wanted you can take your time on that and order after everyone has returned their RSVP.

Venue: With the average holiday party hosting about 48 guests it’s a great idea to find a venue that will hold everyone and keep them comfortable. You will also want to choose a venue that gets people excited to attend. Most work functions take place at work, a clubhouse, or VFW and none of those sound awe inspiring. So do your homework and plan ahead to make sure you can land a venue that will create a buzz and maximize your efforts.


Make this fun

Guest Prep: Think about a gift exchange. 68% of party goers anticipate this and look forward to it as well. A good old fashion “dirty santa” game is always a time tested favorite. Your guests are going to appreciate the commodery this event will create.

Host Prep Checklist: We would like to leave you with a going away checklist as you get ready to be the star of this holiday party. We want you to shine. We want your team to have fun and most importantly we hope you will think of Situation Room for your party venue.

  1. Consider forming a team to help plan and get creative. Having a committee will generate a lot of good ideas and help share the extra workload. Keep it fun and don’t make it stressful to plan.
  2. Set the date
  3. Decide on type of party and structure (ie: at work, formal gala, after hours activity ect…)
  4. Decide on the alcohol policy. You probably know what the culture of your workplace is. If you need clarity ask HR.
  5. Set a budget (venue, transport, food, activities, decorations, gifts, ect…)
  6. Pick your venue or activity and then reserve it! Pro tip: Consider this months in advance.
  7. Send out invitations. Give yourself 6 weeks. If you can allow more time that’s even better.
  8. Finalize refreshment arrangements.
  9. Make sure you have entertainment planned and ready to go. Consider your audience as you are doing this. Ex: a younger workforce will not appreciate Polka music but would like to dance with a DJ spinning the beats.
  10. Find a way to recognize your team and celebrate the year’s successes.