The above title “America’s safest escape room” is not a claim but a promise to sanitary conditions. This is a goal that we have always had and will seek to elevate the standard on through new measures in a post COVID-19 world. It will be easier for Situation Room compared to other entertainment companies to keep this promise as we have 3 medical doctors in our ownership group who have carefully dissected our plans and cross referenced this with CDC guidelines. We want our patrons to feel safe because if they feel safe they can have fun and if they have fun great long lasting memories will take place.

You may ask what are our credentials? Well, 2 of the 3 physicians on our ownership group have directly cared for sick patients with COVID-19 during the acute phase of their hospitalization. This experience forced them to stay up-to-date with the most recent research so that we can change our guidelines and how Situation Room will adapt post virus. It also allows us insider knowledge about what cleaning products may be superior compared to others and what type of personal protection equipment may be necessary. What about the 3rd physician on our ownership team you may ask? Well, she was named “2020 Top Doctor” by Georgia Trend which is a very impressive and you can see the article HERE!

We will be taking the following precautions to keep Macon safe

1. Our Team – We will be screening staff for signs and symptoms of viral illness. Any staff who screens positive will be sent home with a percentage of pay.

2. Our Community – Personal protective equipment will be made available to our staff and customers.

3. Clean Hands – Hand sanitizer will be readily available as it has always been at the Situation Room.

4. Sanitary Environment –We have always aimed to make the Situation Room one of the cleanest establishments in Macon and we have always used medical grade disinfectant that kills bugs including coronavirus (it says so on the packaging) since day one when we opened in 2016. We have extra supply to clean even more rigorously between escape games and will be staffing appropriately to ensure proper sanitation of our facility. This does include high touch points between games.

5. All Private Experiences – All escape games when purchased will be private rooms with a maximum of 10 players. Meaning if you wanted to book a room for your group but pay separately please reserve a spot online by payment of at least one guest. Then call our location to ensure the right number of players are entered and the rest of your team can pay on arrival. We will also limit the number of persons in the facility at all times which includes staff and customers.

6. Contactless Check-In – We will suspend the signing of hand held digital waivers for our escape rooms and move to a waiver policy that is by consent when your booking occurs much like our policy that is already in place for our dodgeball archery games.

We are all in this together and middle GA we want you to know that our game masters are up for the challenge. So come play at Situation Room and know you will have fun while you experience our challenging puzzles. You can book your game on the escape room booking page.

Stay safe and GOD bless,

-Situation Room Team