“Ride a dragon, blow up a mine, go through pyramids and more in an incredibly lifelike, near-zero latency and completely wireless experience!”

We are very proud to announce our newest attraction coming to Macon – VR games with the brand-new HTC Vive Pro. Situation Room is one of, if not the, only escape room in the country that offers the HTC Vive Pro with exclusive wireless controllers and upcoming exclusive games!

Next-generation virtual reality offers unique additions to the escape room and teambuilding experience. Where escape rooms are confined to a certain space, in a virtual environment, you aren’t bound by the limitations of the real world. An escape “room” turns into an escape “environment” – or even an escape “world”.

Our VR experience feature a lot more than escape room games too! While we always are rotating out a selection of games, there is a game and genre for everyone. Not into teamwork? Don’t have any friends? No problem! Situation Room’s VR experience will have something for everyone!

Despite being the only escape room in Macon, Situation Room is always looking for ways to up the ante and innovate when it comes to the escape room experience, and our VR experience will have you thinking outside the box – both figuratively and literally!

Virtual Reality Game Situation Room Escape Room

Introducing The Situation Room HTC Vive Pro VR Experience

The HTC Vive Pro is the successor to the HTC Vive, one of the most powerful VR headsets on the market. The HTC Vive Pro offers a near-zero lag experience, dual cameras, AMOLED technology, 80% more pixels than the original Vive, digital audio amplifier and dual microphone. What does all of that techno-babble mean? The HTC Vive Pro brings you a never-before-seen virtual immersion experience with graphics and sounds that are nearly indistinguishable from real life. See objects in spectacular detail at a greater distance, with no sound leak from your real-life surroundings, and thanks to our exclusive wireless adapter and controllers, zero restriction of immersion or movement. You’ll have no excuses not to get eaten by virtual zombies!

The result is that you are dropped into a pre-designed world with infinite possibilities. We will be offering escape room experiences, puzzle-solving experiences, and many more games in the future, many of which Situation Room will have exclusive usage of.

Virtual Reality Game Situation Room Escape Room

Bring Your Team To A Virtual Reality Teambuilding Experience

“Guys! Did I defuse the bomb in time? Guys! Guys?”

ituation Room’s VR experience isn’t just for experiencing jaw-dropping, lifelike graphics. It’s also a fantastic team-building experience. Just like our themed escape rooms, the Situation Room Virtual Reality experience will be a fantastic opportunity and tool for teambuilding for companies, college students, family members and friends.

Be immersed with your team in a virtual world where you leave real life behind and work together to escape rooms, beat bosses, or explore worlds.

Or, send one of your teammates into the virtual world, while you work with the rest of your team to instruct them on how to defuse bombs, solve puzzles, and more. If you’re looking to foster closer relationships with your employees, staff, or team, and encourage team-based strategy, trust, communication, cooperation, and problem-solving, the VR experience is a fun, casual, and often laugh-filled way to challenge your team and get them working together.

Virtual Reality Game Situation Room Escape Room

The Future of The Future at Situation Room

Situation Room will be upgrading to 6 controllers in the near future, with more games, more zombies, more dragons, and more problems to be solved. We’ll also be frequently rotating VR games and experiences so that your trip with your team to the Situation Room virtual world will never be the same twice. Experience everything from escape rooms to dance-offs, archery, skydiving, dragon-slaying and more that feels incredibly real and incredibly free with no lag, life-like graphics, and completely untethered and wireless.

Join us in our virtual voyage using the best and most innovative VR technology, exclusive wireless controllers, and exclusive games that you’re unlikely to see and experience anywhere else.