Maybe you are a parent helping your teenager look for a great first job suited to teens or maybe you may be a teen looking for a job to get your parents to calm down. Either way your search has led you here. So let’s talk about this. We think escape room work is the perfect fit for teens and college kids. Escape room employees are called Game Masters and they are usually awesome people that have fun while they make money. The job is not all that serious but has some amazing benefits that we think you’ll enjoy to hear about. So let’s dive in!

Situation Room Escape Room

Become a Game Master

Most escape room game locations are locally owned aka ‘mom & pop shops’ which means very little people will get in the way of you advancing or getting a raise. A small operation also means it is easier to talk to the boss and ask for a day off. As a teen or undergrad you will have lots of things come up like a homecoming, prom, family vacation or even the release of a summer blockbuster movie that you have to see opening night (ie we had a few requests for the last Avengers). You will also have a chance to be known by the people who own the business which can help you connect and better understand the puzzles and even have an appreciation for the thought that you wouldn’t otherwise have had. There will probably be an opportunity to participate in puzzle creation.

Pros for Working at Situation Room

  • Will work around your schedule. Many employees start in that position and move up
  • Awesome atmosphere to work with efficient Managers
  • Happy workers Clean Environment
  • Flexible schedule
  • Discounts on entertainment experiences
  • Hire age 15 and older
  • Great base pay and regular appreciation bonus while you help guest make memories

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You will also probably enjoy your job. Not only can you role play, spy on people using cameras but you get a chance to exercise your creativity as well. In fact there are a lot of skills you will develop and those skills are outlined by the Exit Game team if you want to see more. In our own facility many times something has broken or didn’t work the way it was intended and our game masters had the ability to exercise their decision making skills coupled with their creativity to really impress us. Plus, who doesn’t want to be ‘behind the scenes’ of an escape room. Yea it is a lot of cameras and nerdy prop usage but it leads to developing your speaking skills and work ethic. One of our former game masters worked with us while she was in highschool and when she left to go to college she gave us a big thank you for being a part of her growing up and her mother kept saying that she use to be very socially awkward but now has a new found confidence and can talk with almost anyone. More on our company culture at Situation Room can be found on other blog post.

W e were all youth workers at one point. When I used to work for Disney World as a cast member everyone had a smile on their face. That is because when you are in a play land you can’t be sad no matter how your day is going. Working at an escape room is a lot like that; it lets you take your mind off other things and literally escape for a few hours. There is also something to be said for how exercise can boost your mood. Working at an escape room like Situation Room you will definitely get your step count in. Do not worry you are not always on your feet in fact you will likely be sitting for at least 1 hour out of every 2 hours!

get paid

Get paid for what you love

Y ou can earn some real dough. Most places pay game masters pretty well! That’s right they pay more than minimum wage after you pass your training. This is because being a game master is not for dummies. It does require some skill. Depending on the state you live in you can expect to make $8.00 to $12.00 per hour.

B eing a game master has it’s benefits and for the right person who is willing to cast aside all fears and jump into the game it can be a great job! If you are interested in becoming a team member at Situation Room please email us at tell us why you are a good fit and share some of your enthusiasm with us!

Situation Room is the perfect place to work while you are in school. We are ready to see you become a team member.