So we heard you’re tired of the same old weekend plans and are always google-ing search terms like “ something to do near me ”, “ what are we going to do today ”, “indoor activities on a hot summer day”, or “is there an escape room near me “ … Well maybe not the last one as often as the others. Just in case we have a listing of all the middle GA escape the room type games. Hopefully, you will get the answer to all those search queries by reading this article.

escape room allows you to be the main character

An escape room allows you to be the main character

In case you are unfamiliar with this game, we are talking about locking people in rooms for fun. This is an escape room. Then after saying that we sometimes get a few puzzled looks. So, let’s get you up to speed. An escape room is a room with a clever theme (like a bank heist, a crime scene, or a crashing spaceship). Within the room, there are numerous clues, puzzles, and secret compartments, all of which work toward a goal of a fun adventure so you can make your daring exit. You and your friends, family or coworkers have one hour to solve all of the clues to escape the room. Sounds fun, right?

While you do need to use some wit you do not not need to be a genius to play. So please don’t say “I’m not smart enough to figure all that stuff out.” Let’s go ahead and put this myth to rest: You, no matter who you are, are smart enough to do well in an escape room. We are in the entertainment business and designed our attractions with YOU in mind. Escape rooms are designed to be fun for all people, regardless of age or IQ. Not everyone wins but everyone has fun and it is fun to do this with the people you care about.

An escape room is a lot of fun and answers the mystery, questions and online search queries of “what’s fun near me ?” or “is there any thing to do this weekend ?” and the good old fashion “is there anything fun to do for couples ?” . Our hope is we just saved date night. No need to be bored now especially in the central Georgia area which includes macon ga , warner robins ga , centerville ga , kathleen ga , dublin ga , mcdonough ga , milledgeville ga , lizella ga , gray ga , perry ga , forsyth ga , griffin ga , jackson ga and all the surrounding areas.

Family fun is the underlying idea behind the escape room concept but it is also great for birthday parties, college students bachelor and bachelorette parties. As an escape room owner I think I can vouch for all the other escape room places listed below when I say we enjoy being a part of your life events and memories.

Here is our list of escape rooms in the heart of GA area as these are fun places to go that are great for entertainment and slowly becoming tourist attractions.

Situation Room – located in downtown Macon Georgia this franchise was the first escape room in all the areas we call middle GA. Situation Roomis a macon attraction that the locals are proud of and is one of the top places to visit if you’re ever planning a visit. They are successful in the art of immersive gaming and have been ranked as one of the best escape room experiences in the state. They have been featured on national TV networks (TLC’s ‘7 Little Johnstons’) and due to their success in the middle Georgia area people will often refer to an escape room as a situation room. They also offer Dodgeball Archery which is a unique option you should consider trying.
Escape Artist War Town – is only a hop and a skip away from Situation Room. Located in Warner Robins. Founded by the owners of lush art. When you walk in the vibe is artsy. As small business owners their goal is to provide good service to all who visit their Georgia based games.
Escape the Museum – located in McDonough (north from the other venues above). This is a camera museum by day and an escape room that brings in elements of a scavenger hunt at night. The rumors are that at the end of the game you can collect some fresh baked cookiesmade by the owner’s wife.
Statesboro Unlocked –across from mill creek and highway 24 you can find this entertainment in Statesboro GA which is a big college town. They have a good variety of game choices to choose from.
Theatre Games –Found in Hazlehurst GA this location is relatively new to the scene compared to the others on the list but cast it’s shadow on the list for those going south east in the state. They also have a VR arcade available.